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Shark Alley

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Today, I literally came face to face with one of the most feared animals of all time, the Great White Shark. As we aboarded the. boat I felt nothing but. excitment and happiness. The boat took off and everytime we would hit a wave it felt as if our bellys were dropping, causing us to laugh histerically. As we arrived to the spot where soon one of the greatest moments of my life would occur, Brian McFarlane asked who wanted to go first and I immediately rasied my hand, as well as Danae and Meagan. The first to get in the shark cage was Meagan, Danae, Kelby, Mrs.Wells, Jimbo, and myself. We went into the cabin and for the first time Meagan and I eagerly stripped into our bathing suits so we could hurry and put on our wet suits. Meagan was the first in the cage, and as we soon learned got the best seat in the house. Goggles on my face, I clearly seen the chum go into the water. Not much later I heard Brian yell "DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!" I pushed myself down and quickly snapped a picture of a Great White named Nemo pass by. What an amazing sight! It seemed as if everytime I came up for air I would have to go down to see Nemo pass by again. For a few moments the shark didn't come by so the Midland crew sang baby shark, which probably wasn't appropriate for the scenario we were in. Again Brain yelled and we all dove under water, this time not only seeing one shark but two! A massive male shark swam right next to me, so close I could have grabbed a souvenir tooth if I were brave enough. After we seen the sharks several times we got out so the next group could go. Even though we were out of the cage it did not lessen our enthusiasm. We all looked over boats edge and looked for sharks. Everytime we would see one we would yell and point to where it was at. Danae and I kept our cold wet suits on so we could dive again. After everyone got a turn and many great shots of the shark biting the decoy Danae and I got in the cage with several others for round two. The sharks didn't seem to come around much at first, but waiting really payed off. The huge male shark clamped onto the chum right in front of mine and Danaes faces. Once it even hit the cage with its fin. With everyone on the boat oohing in amazment, us in the cage were overjoyed. One of the last encounters of the sharks was the most spine tingling as well. My hands were on the bars and the shark came so close, mouth open, that I quickly had to push myself away because I was afraid I would get them bitten off. I was seriously two inches from the Great White Shark in its own habitat. Therefore, causing the most adrenaline I have ever had. One thing I learned today is that the Great Whites are very mistaken. They are not the aggressive animals people believe for them to be. In fact, they were very calm. Today was one of the most exciting days of my life and I want to thank Discovery Student Adventures but more importantly God for allowing me to have this extraordianry oppourtunity.


dbaker said...

Wow! How exciting! I can't wait to see the pictures, and I'm glad you still have all ten of your fingers left.
Enjoy the rest of your trip, and keep up the good blogs, we are enjoying the adventure along with you.
Mrs. B

Sherry said...

Nikki, we hope you come back with all your fingers. We are so excited for you and the the rest of the crew on your amazing adventure. Have a wonderful time. We love you!!

Bub and Sherry

Kerry said...

You guys will never get done telling the stories. We cant wait ! ! ! Laura get's a kick out of looking at your pic's. "there's Mickey" HA! Check on you later!

shelly said...

YAHOO!!! I am sooo glad you went face to face with a great white shark!!! Now you can face anything. Take lots of pictures!!
Be safe!!!! Love you!

Michelle said...

Wow Nikki I love reading the stories. I can't wait to see everyone of your pics.

Donna Clark said...

It sounds like you guys are having a great time! I hope each day just gets better and better!

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